About CPFCPForge - dílna

CZECH PRECISON FORGE (CPF) is a traditional Czech company with international management with strong standing on world and domestic markets in closed-die forging and open-die forging. The roots of the CPF company stem from its past as a forge with a large range of products for global producers in power generation, marine industry, transport technology, aviation, oil industry, and other engineering sectors.



Production ActivitiesCPForge pec

Among the main production activities of CPF are closed-die forging and open-die forging of metal alloys, non-iron metals and specific materials to 4000 Kg of unit weight. An obvious part of the general production activity is in-house production of forging tools, own heat treatment processing, carrying out of destructive and non destructive testing, and surface correction including rough shot blasting and rough machining. Thanks to strategic alliances with domestic and foreign partners, CPF offers the final machining and laser cutting of selected types of products.

With its unique manufacturing facilities, certification, management ownership, language availability, and flexibility CPF offers to all customers its forging services in a form which is responsive to customer expectations and requirements.